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Official Car Town Logo

The game called Car Town was created in 2009/2010. From the very start it was an unique game, since it offered a lot of virtual cars which were very affordable from the start. The cars in the game look cartooned, but still, mostly good. 

Car Town is without a doubt most popular racing game on facebook. It is owned by CIE Games, company who also owns another popular racing game called "Nitto 1320 Legends."

The game has decent graphics, but at +100 levels it is almost impossible to play a game without having to refresh every 15 minutes.

Game gets new features and/or locations atleast 6 times per week, 1 per each day except Sundays.

The Car list ranges from old Issetas to Corvettes and Zondas. You can find info about all of them on this Wiki (in progress at the moment).

In 2011, some major changes happened to the game with introduction to the Junkyard and Ferrari Experience. 

The main problems of the game are hacking and overpriced realases (sometimes over 50$ for a virtual car).

Game has two forums:

Game has a huge fanbase, over 5 million monthly players.

Car Town official fanpage can be accessed here: