A modified Plymouth Superbird.


The Greenlight Edition Superbird.

The 1970 Plymouth 'Road Runner' Superbird is a muscle car avalible in Car Town. It is avalible in the Showroom for $245,000 and has stock power of 489. It is a Class A vehicle and has customisable options for Paint, Graphics, Wheels, Tires, Performance, Suspension, Window Tint and Lights.

Greenlight Edition

In late 2012 / Early 2013, the Superbird became avalible in a new version called the 'Greenlight Edition'. It was only avalible throught buying a toy version of the Superbird in all the Car Town Toy locations or, for a short time, entering a code. It was only avalible in blue (Although you can change the colour) and has the same power as the normal Superbird. The only main difference is the name, which is changed to '1970 Greenlight Edition Superbird'.


  • The Plymouth Superbird is based on the Plymouth Road Runner, which is also avalible in Car Town.
  • The Greenlight Edition Superbird is worth more than the normal Superbird.
  • In real life, the Plymouth Superbird has an icon of the 'Roadrunner' from some of Warner Brothers' cartoons. For some reason, it is not on a stock Superbird in Car Town.
  • In real life, the Plymouth Superbird is often mistaken for the Dodge 'Charger' Daytona. In Car Town however, they are very easy to tell apart.